2024 Chang'an New VOYAH FREE _1.5T Extended Range Five seater SUV | External Interior Details

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The new VOYAH FREE inherits the driving control genes of the Lantu brand, with a standard dual motor intelligent four-wheel drive of the front 160kW and rear 200kW, providing strong power; At the same time, it is also equipped as standard with a front double wishbone and rear multi link aluminum alloy chassis, as well as an air suspension, which was previously only available for luxury cars above Class 50. It can filter out excess road bumps and bring excellent handling performance.

VOYAH FREE also uses a 1.5T deep Miller cycle Range extender, which has a thermal efficiency of more than 42%. On the basis of taking into account the "four second" acceleration level, it further reduces fuel consumption and power consumption. The CLTC's comprehensive endurance mileage reaches 1201km, allowing users to experience the fun of driving and control while achieving a comfortable mileage.

The interior design also reflects the perfect combination of comfort and technology, with a series of advanced configurations such as an integrated adjustable triple screen, Dana High Fidelity Hi Fi audio, intelligent dimmable panoramic sunroof, first-class seats, and intelligent voice interaction, providing a comfortable and intelligent driving environment for both drivers and passengers.
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